Supersonic Tour of Apache Cocoon

All documents and files included in this tour are Copyright (C) 1999-2004 by the Apache Software Foundation.

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This supersonic tour of Apache Cocoon will give you a quick overview of what Cocoon is and does.

We won't go deep into any part of Cocoon, but will rather get an overall feel of what's in Cocoon.

The only parts that we will study in some detail are the following Cocoon components, which are becoming the mainstream way of using Cocoon:

Running this application

If you're reading this documentation on paper and would like to study the application directly in Cocoon, you will find it under blocks with samples on the Cocoon samples page.

Studying this application

The complete source code of this tour is found under src/blocks/tour in the Cocoon source code tree. There is one directory with its own sitemap for each part of the tutorial, so that you can easily dig deeper in your areas of interest.

Code excerpts

Note that (according to the lazyness is a virtue rule), most of the sitemap, flowscripts, XSLT transforms and other code excerpts are dynamically inserted into this documentation from the corresponding source files. This avoids having to copy and paste code and ensures that the code you see stays up to date.




Multi-channel publishing

The Flow subsystem

Cocoon Forms sample application