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Slop Block Samples

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As of August 6, 2003 the SlopGenerator (Simple Line Oriented Parser) is functional but somewhat limited. RFC822 parsing does not properly take continuation lines (like "by..." after Received-From) into account, and a specific rfc822 mode should be implemented to avoid parsing the message body. On the other hand, the code is very simple and thus should be quite fast.

Javateach - simple literate programming

SomeTest.html - HTML page, mixing teaching comments with source code - original source file
SomeTest.xml - SlopGenerator output

Email parsing using SLOP

email-example.txt - original source file
email-example.xml - XML result of parsing an RFC 822 message

Test catalog example

tc-example.txt - original source file
tc-example.xml - Example using Slop to describe interactive tests easily using ASCII files

Special characters

special.chars.txt - original source file
special.chars.xml - Test Slop with special and accented characters