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XML Search

Welcome to Cocoon XML Search. This page introduces Cocoon searching and offers the following samples:

Creating an Index

You must create a Lucene index first, before you can do the searching. You can create a Lucene index either by crawling, or by using LuceneIndexTransformer.

Creating Index By Crawling

Create an index by specifying a base url from which to start crawling (the indexer will follow the links to build its content). The base url should be cocoon-view aware of content-labels links, and content. For example you might use the base URL http://localhost:8888/docs/index.html

This following page allows you to create an index of all of Cocoon Sample pages.

(There are many ways to add content to a Lucene index. For an example of using the LuceneIndexTransformer, see the QueryBean Sample).


If you have created a Lucene index, you can search the created index.

Searching Index

Enter a query and search the Lucene index that you have created - using the Search Generator.


Cocoon XML search uses the Jakarta Lucene indexing and search engine. The Cocoon documentation explains how it is implemented within Cocoon. Look behind the scenes of this example to find out more.