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This xsp page is based on (copied from) the event aware cacheable xsp sample.

I pause for 2 seconds during generation, so that you can tell if I'm being served from the cache or not.
What you see here was generated on Fri Nov 25 11:29:25 CST 2022.

I'm cached for a specific database table name: user. Other parameters ie. request parameters do not matter.

Unlike other cacheable pages in Cocoon, I can be un-cached by events external to Cocoon - for instance, when a database table or row is updated. I will also be invalidated when the XSP source is modified.
My cache entry will be invalidated (actually, removed) when an event named user occurs. Go to the database samples and modify, insert, or delete a user and check if this page is updated.

Test links:

Please refer to the event based cache example for more details on the event based cache invalidation.