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Chaperon Block Samples

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Mathexp example

Mathexp - This example demonstrate how the parser can be used to parse input text, like mathematical expressions.

Wiki examples

Wiki editor - In this example the parser is used to build an online editor, which is based on the very popular syntax of Wiki.
Wiki self-test - A self-describing document that demonstrates and tests the Wiki grammar.

Pattern example

Pattern - In this example the PatternTransformer is used to replace links with HTML links.

Syntax highlighting example

Example 1 - The parser can also be used to colorize some source code.
Example 2 - This example show a another view of a java class, similar to javadoc. (The first use takes 2-3 minutes, for the parser table generation process.)

Comma-Separated Values (CSV)

Stock Quote - This example processes a CSV file and generates a table from it.
Excel output - This example processes a CSV file which was generated by MS Excel.


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